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  • aces-and-anime:

    character idea: an asexual who keeps accidentally flirting with people when they’re just trying to be nice

  • orange-knickers:

    Can’t stop won’t stop

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  • the-psycho-cutie:

    i didn’t realize growing up meant dying inside but hey it’s whatever

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  • boyprincessmanic:

    i’m laughing because when people come out as asexual and others are like “haha are you a plant” I’m like do you even know how plants work they do not even reproduce asexually do you know anything about planet earth at all omg these people

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  • breathinginthestarlight:

    When we refer to closeted asexual people we need to start saying
    Ace in the hole

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  • ireallyhatecornnuts:

    I’ve got 99 problems and my inability to self motivate is causing every single one of them.

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  • lightrup:

    maybe university isn’t a good idea

    maybe becoming a tree is a good idea

    I’ve been saying this for years

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  • i-am-the-entertainer:

    I look at someone and find them attractive.

    Then I go and make popcorn.

    Basic story of asexual heteromantic.

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  • CNN morning report on the election season
  • "When people are scared the vote republican"
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    #this says a lot
    #like why they soend si much to make us scared